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Ostrich farm Schobbejaks Hoogte

What do we do?

Since 1992 we’ve got an ostrich selection farm of about 120 breeder birds. We have a capacity of about 1.000 ostriches.

Professional Ostrich Farm

For over 25 years we have been selecting first-class breeder birds in order to raise genetically strong and healthy ostriches. This results in a higher fertility rate and an improved quality of our end products (e.g. meat and eggs).

We strive to raise our birds in the most ecological friendly way, taking into account animal welfare, quality, safety and profitability. To evaluate and optimize our goals, we’ve been collecting all kinds of data for over more than 15 years.

We continuously check the body, eating & drinking conditions and examine the feathers and faeces on a regular basis. We also look at the matches between females and male (mating compatibility).

Available on our farm (export worldwide)

We export our ostriches to countries all over the world and we fulfill all necessary documents (health certificate). Before the birds leave, there is an inspection by a veterinary (who’s assigned by the government (FAVV)) to check if the birds are ready to leave.

Struisvogelkuikentje in ei

One-day-old ostrich chicks
Selfie struisvogelkuikentje
Young ostrich chicks of different ages
Slachtvogels in weide
Slaughter birds, deboned legs, meat
Ostrich Breeder birds
Young and old selected breeder birds


  • Incubation facility
  • Ostrich hatchery facility
  • We rear chicks to all ages
  • We fatten ostriches until slaughter age
  • Slaughterhouse and cutting room (EG conform)

Schobbejaks Hoogte Geschiedenis


Daily supervision by Consultant Bert Neirinck

Bert Neirinck

Our farm is under continuous supervision of Bert Neirinck who is one of the founders of the ostrich selection farm ‘Schobbejaks Hoogte’.  As a veterinarian who’s specialized in ostriches he’s able to get better results every year. (Higher fertility rate, stronger ostrich chicks and improved quality of end products)

As Mr. Neirinck has got years of experience and several connections with universities he’s able to give advice and professional consulting at starting ostrich farms, or farms who’ve got problems with sick birds. He also gives advice on avoiding diseases, the perfect climat, nutrition, and profitability.

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Our yearly goals